Please share a little about you and your journey with our readers?

I graduated from Birmingham City University in 2016 with a degree in Fashion Business and Promotion, and I have been lucky enough to have such an incredible following on Instagram. Combining the two and with the help from my wonderful agent Luisa , who I met during my time at university while on work experience with her company, I am currently enjoying every moment of working with a variety of brands , sometimes I have to pinch myself with the incredible opportunities that I have had the pleasure of being involved with.

Your Instagram feed is sensational, how do you feel about social media in general?

Thank you, that's very kind! Social media never fails to surprise me , connecting and sharing our experiences with anyone, from any part of the world is mind blowing! Its fast paced and can change over night , I'm interested to see how it will develop in the future.


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This year has defiantly 
taught me to not take life to seriously, enjoy and capture every moment!
— Sophia Smith
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You work with some incredible brands from across the globe, for anyone looking to take the same steps as you, what would be your best advice?

My advice would be to do what you really enjoy because then it will never feel like work , don't do it because everyone else does it. Socialise and connect with new people as much as you can because you never know who you may come across or who may be working in the industry you want to go in to!

What are the biggest challenges you face in your day to day life and how do you overcome them ?

I wouldn't say I face big challenges on a day to day basis, I just try to make the most of every day and enjoy every moment, spending time with my family and friends is super important to me.

Do you adopt plant based foods into your diet often? What’s your go to dinner when you’re cooking at home?

I have been a vegetarian since January this year, I decided to take this path after my best friend and her partner are both vegan , each time I would go and visit them they would cook me the most delicious meals! I was never a big meat eater so this hasn't been a drastic change for me. Im enjoying every minute of it and cooking so much more now! My go to meal is a tofu and vegetable stir fry with rice, so simple and just delicious!

Please would you be able to share with our readers, what is your daily morning routine, do you have any favourite cruelty free brands / make up brands you use?

First of all I take Ralph outside (Ralph is my dog...although sometimes I think he may think he's a human) we then go for our morning walk, which is always a great start to the day. Most mornings I will make a smoothie my current favourite is banana , blueberries, strawberries, flax seeds, honey and almond milk. I also try to have hot lemon water most mornings too! As for my skin care routine, Ive been using Trilogy Rose Hip oil for years its great for my skin, I also use Charlotte Tilbury's magic face cream

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My best friend inspires me everyday , she’s a mum of two , a nurse , has her own furniture company and is a vegan! Superwoman!
— Sophia Smith


What will you remember 2017 for, have you discovered or learnt anything that you'll carry forward?

This year has defiantly taught me to not take life to seriously, enjoy and capture every moment!


 What are you working on next? What does 2018 have in store for you? What would you love to do?

Im currently in the process of moving house so hopefully in 2018 we will be settled in to our new home! I would love to start learning another language this year and visit Brazil!


If you could change one thing about the world as it stands, what would it be and why? 

Thats a tricky question! If I had to say one thing of the top of my head it would be for everyone to support each other more rather than competing with one another.


It would be for everyone to support each other more rather than competing with one another.
— Sophia Smith @sophiaxsmith

Sophia, thank you for your amazing answers and for supporting us and visiting our pop up, we are extremely grateful!

Can't wait to see you at our permanent space!