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🍔🍟🥤What is The Vurger Co.?

Hi! We’re The Vurger Co. and we’re a 100% vegan and plant-based fast food restaurant specialising in soul satisfying burgers! Our mission is to revolutionise fast food through the power of plants! ✊ 

🥑 Is everything vegan?

Yes we are a completely vegan business.

💸 Why are you cashless

Check out our blog post here for more information on why we are 100% cashless and have been since day one of our business!

🍞 Do you have GF or soy free options? 

Yes all of our burger patties are Gluten Free by nature, you simply need to ask for the GF bun at the checkout at no extra or additional cost. Also our mac n cheese is gluten free by nature too! For our soy free options, you would simply need to check with our team at the checkout who can help you navigate through our menu.

🌰 Does your Mac n Cheese contain nuts?

Yes, our Mac n Cheese contains cashews and our Pesto Mac and Cheese contains cashews and walnuts.

🏰 Do you have any other stores?

We have our first and original store in Shoreditch, which opened in March 2018 and our second site in Canary Wharf which opened in November 2018.

🧀 What kind of cheese do you use? 

We use a coconut oil-based vegan cheese.

🍔 What’s the most popular burger?

The popularity of each burger definitely changes week to week! It completely depends on what kind of flavours you like :) The Classic is our take on the traditional ‘American burger’ with amazing burger sauce made in house, the MLT is all about that rich sun dried tomato pesto, the Auburger is irresistibly smokey and spicy and the Habanero is crunchy, creamy and zingy!

🌶 Can we buy your chilli mayo?

Unfortunately not! We don’t currently sell our chilli mayo by the bottle :( For the moment you’ll have to come along to one of our stores to get your fix! :P

🍽 Are your utensils/packaging made from plastic?

Absolutely not! Not even our drinks cups- even though they look very convincing! 100% of our eating utensils and packaging are made from 100% compostable materials.

👩‍🍳 Do you do event catering?

Yes, we do! Simply pop your enquiry over to catering@thevurgerco.com - we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

🥛 Do you have any other milk or ice cream alternatives?

We use Almond milk and soy based ice cream in our business, we like to keep the options small to ensure no nut contamination between uses. 

🙅🏻🥜Do you have peanuts in your kitchen?

We are a totally peanut free kitchen. We do however use almonds, walnuts and cashew based products in our kitchen- so if you have a nut allergy there is a risk of contamination from these food products.

🎊 Can we book a table?

We take bookings in our Shoreditch store for groups of 10 or more. Simple send us an email at feedme@thevurgerco.com to reserve your party. Due to the nature of the space at Canary Wharf we don’t take bookings at this location.

🐶Do you allow dogs?

Yes, we do! Feel free to bring along your furry friend :)

🍆 Why don’t you use seitan?

Here at The Vurger Co. we’re all about making vegetables accessible, indulgent and delicious! Read more about our decision why  here

🌽 What are your main ingredients?

Our patties are made from grains, seeds, vegetables and legumes. Get a closer look at our burger patties here

🍟 Is The Vurger Co. healthy or fast food focused?

We classify ourselves as a fast food restaurant, with indulgence at the core of everything we make. Due to the nature of the variety and quality of plant based ingredients that we use our burgers contain a wide range of nutrients! We steer away from processed ingredients and cook everything in rapeseed oil. For something a little lighter, all of our burgers can be made ‘bun free’- in the form of a burger bowl. Check out our menu for more information

MAKE AT HOME products

Are your products Vegan?

They are 100% vegan!

Do your products contain any allergens?

We’re very proud to say that our Make at Home patties are made in a factory free from nuts, soy, dairy, gluten and alliums. It’s an important part of our mission that we keep our burgers accessible to as many people as possible!

What is inside your patties?

We wanted to keep our patties as natural and simple as possible, that’s why we’ve only used a shortlist of really simple and wholesome ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen at home.

What is the best way to cook your patties?

Please see our advice here on how to cook the perfect patty, Vurger Co. style!

How do I become a stockist?

Please feel free to email at feedme@thevurgerco.com and we will be in touch as soon as possible

Can I buy directly from your website?

We're working on it, until then please see our stockists here for your convenience. Currently we are selling at Planet Organic and Daylesford Organic Farm Gloucestershire.

Are these patties the same as in your restaurants?

While you won't be able to find any of these patties on our current restaurant menu, the Make at Home recipes are all based on some of our original bestselling recipes that have featured on our menu over the past 3 years.


We only use natural protein from the vegetables and pulses- no protein powder here!


The BBQ is our most protein packed burger, containing 7.32g of natural plant protein per patty. This is followed by our Shroom which contains 5.64g and finally our Habanero which contains 4.32g per patty.

Where can I find your restaurants?

We currently have two locations- Shoreditch and Canary Wharf

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